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Updated 4/4/08. Carlos over at Ragamuffin Soul is asking people to blog about a recent creative idea we’ve used in a worship service. I’m bumping this up per his request.

Originally posted 3/20/08
In my effort to build a Good Friday service with the theme of “by his stripes we are healed”, I have hit a dilemma.

Here is my order of service:

Video “Resurrection”
Reading of Isaiah 53
Crimson (Vocal Solo)
Reading: John 18: 1-18
#302 Lamb of God 1, 2
Reading John 18: 19-40
#323 Alas! And Did My Savior Bleed 1, 2, 3, 5
Reading: John 19: 1-16
Love Song (Vocal Solo)
Reading John 19: 17-42
#324 When I Survey the Wondrous Cross 1, 3, 4
Video “A Better Way”
Cross Painting/Communion

All of the readings have music in the background, mostly stuff from “The Passion” to create a mood of sorrow and awe at the same time. Both vocal solos are focused on Jesus very intentionally, as are the videos.

For communion, my idea is to have a small bucket of paint sitting at the foot of the cross. As we all come forward for communion, we will have the chance to paint a stripe on the cross, to remind us of the price Jesus paid, the “stripes” if you will. During that time, I want to have music, specifically something with words to add to the mood. I originally planned “Healed” by Nichole Nordeman. But after further reflection, I am really falling in love with the idea of “Ten Thousand Angels” by Caedmon’s Call/Derek Webb.

Both songs emphasize healing, but Nichole’s song is a little more accessible than the other song.

Any opinions? If you don’t know the songs, you can google for the lyrics in a heartbeat (in order to help a girl out.)


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