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Boundaries – Part 2

A little over a week ago I made brief mention of Saddleback Church’s new rules for maintaining moral integrity. Part 1. Perhaps the 15 rules set by Saddleback really is about removing temptation from the staff, and if so, you got to do what… Continue Reading “Boundaries – Part 2”

Boundaries – Part 1

In an effort to curb sexual temptation among the staff at Saddleback and other churches, Rick Warren established 15 rules for Saddleback staff standards in order to maintain moral integrity: – Thou shalt not go to lunch alone with the opposite sex.* – Thou… Continue Reading “Boundaries – Part 1”

An Assignment – Discuss

Discuss what is important for children, students, young adults, young parents and beyond to know, feel and do as followers of Jesus Christ and beginning to assess how to get them there. With that, to also assess if there are areas where ministries overlap… Continue Reading “An Assignment – Discuss”

An Assignment – #3

How did you learn to do what you do in serving others, particularly in your area of ministry? (hands) How do any of us learn to serve? Is it something learned? It doesn’t seem like it could be. I don’t know why this is… Continue Reading “An Assignment – #3”

An Assignment – #2

In continuation of my assignment due for the next Ministry Team meeting, let’s explore #2. What shaped how you think and feel about God and church and ministry (heart)? This is a loaded question if I’ve ever heard one – one that cannot just… Continue Reading “An Assignment – #2”

An Assignment – #1

For the past seven years of leading worship, I’ve also been on our church’s Ministry Team committee. Composed of all the leaders of each ministry at Westmark, we meet about every other month. Most meetings consisted of an assessment of where each ministry was… Continue Reading “An Assignment – #1”

Fight or Flight?

If you’ve read this blog for a while you know I’m a worship leader. In a “happy with the status quo” “family-reunion” type-of church that I grew up in, love, am not afraid to be disillusioned with, and a church that is trying to… Continue Reading “Fight or Flight?”

Law of Love

The article I linked to below is of the kind I’m seeing a lot of in the last year or so. Maybe they’ve been out there longer, I just never noitced. I don’t know. Here’s is something I feel compelled to point out: “I… Continue Reading “Law of Love”


What I’m listening to: Waterdeep’s Live at the New Earth I’m not called to be a worship leader. Not that ever felt 100% confident to be worship leader…because if God spoke to me in a still, small voice or a loud boom, I completely… Continue Reading “Surprise!”

A Worship Leader’s Responsibility

Over the last several months I’ve been specifically thinking about the responsibility of a worship leader. Beyond the physical aspects of choosing music, organizing teams, planning the projection of songs, leading devotions at rehearsals, etc. I’ve been slightly erratic in my thought process –… Continue Reading “A Worship Leader’s Responsibility”