Month: February 2015

safe people

After taking some time to process unsafe people in this post: …I’ve had to time to read more in the Cloud and Townsend book about what safe people look like, and more importantly, how to become a safe person. A safe relationship is… Continue Reading “safe people”

blogging thru Scary Close – chapters 1 and 2

“I’d have to know myself and be known.” – Donald Miller, Chapter 1, Scary Close. Sound familiar? I’m, of course, not accusing Don of plagiarizing me. That’s ridiculous. But when I read this, my heart stopped. Because it’s what in learned in 2013 after… Continue Reading “blogging thru Scary Close – chapters 1 and 2”

blogging thru Scary Close – introduction

I’ve read most of Donald Miller’s books – they are quick and easy reads (I highly recommend them when you are on vacation and your mind is relaxed.) I’ve found with his books that, like with any memoir, it’s best not to go with… Continue Reading “blogging thru Scary Close – introduction”

of fragility and the way i think God works

Sometimes I think this is how God works on a feeler. I was out on my back patio last night with a bottle of Nebraska wine and a friend and she said, “You’re being too sensitive.” She’s not an unsafe person, although I would guess this… Continue Reading “of fragility and the way i think God works”

new blog series

I’m about halfway through a game-changing book. It’s a quick and amazing read, and I’ll probably read it more than once. But just so that I can truly process it all, I’ve decided to blog through it chapter by chapter. What is this book… Continue Reading “new blog series”

in which risk is the biggest thing

People are more than the sum total of their unsafe traits…. Don’t confuse people with unsafe traits. Learn to identify what traits hurt you.* There is such a glorious raw and open wound that happens when you own your story. Glorious in its freedom… Continue Reading “in which risk is the biggest thing”


I live in a world of “when.” When this happens, I will… I remember when…   When is always looking forward and always looking back. I’m not sure how happy I am with either at this point in my life. It’s not like I’m… Continue Reading “when”

unsafe people

I’ve been thinking a lot about safe people in the last several months, mainly because I’m in a situation where being able to have safe people is 100% needed for what I’m going through, and I need to able to identify those who are safe(who… Continue Reading “unsafe people”


I’ve kept you long past our expiration date.   You see, INFJs tend to do that. Because connection with others is like the white buffalo for us, we will often fight tooth and nail to keep that someone we connect with in our lives.… Continue Reading “keep”


I confess – I’m probably the only Christian in the world who hasn’t read the Boundaries book by Cloud and Townsend. I own a copy but I just haven’t gotten around to reading it. Last year my best friend tried to convince me of its… Continue Reading “boundaries”