Month: April 2009


(Okay… first I must say, about this image to the left. The Golden Calf in cereal? Awesome.) I’m just finishing up a class on the book of Joshua, which has been a wonderful and fruitful experience this semester. (I was actually nostalgic last night… Continue Reading “Idolatry”

Messed Up

I’ve had the privilege to intern under, for the last year, a woman who defines the term “living in grace”. Each week when she speaks to the women of the church I am in awe, not only of how she relates to them, but… Continue Reading “Messed Up”

Deliberate Sin

My pastor‘s been preaching a series on the fathers of the faith (the ones in Scripture, not the ones I hear all too often about here at seminary re: all the John’s – Bunyan, Calvin, Owen, Edwards…) A few weeks ago he preached on… Continue Reading “Deliberate Sin”

Sunday’s Here

The resurrection is not an event, it is a person. He is risen. He is risen indeed.


Something is not right in my spirit right now. I don’t know what that means, exactly, but I feel it in my gut. And I need to process. What is disequilibrating to me, in my life, right now? My professor spoke about disequilibration in… Continue Reading “Disequilibration”