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being tethered

…and so it begins. This is the time of year I start to feel homesick. 2 years ago it hit me very hard around this time, so last year I went home in September to stave off these emotions. This year, I went home… Continue Reading “being tethered”


This is the winter I am used to. Driving on a gravel road, looking to my right or left and seeing the tracks of a combine, a truck or a tractor in the field. The shelter of trees in the background tell me that… Continue Reading “Winter”


I am really homesick. Really and truly. Sitting at the table in a kitchen conversationYou spilled the words you read just yesterdayHe said, “Be perfect, perfect as I am”“How can this be done,” you ask, “when every time I try to beSomeone with such… Continue Reading “Heartbreak”

Reason #5 Why I Love Nebraska

Because it’s home.

Reason #4 Why I Love Nebraska

The corn. The picture was my view as a child. I grew up on a farm, and spent my summers irrigating with my brother. I’d pick up irrigation socks, watch him fix pivots, and driving through corn fields like this one. When the sweet… Continue Reading “Reason #4 Why I Love Nebraska”

Reason #3 Why I Love Nebraska

I get to openly mock this: Because it rightfully deserves to be mocked. Mercilessly. Seriously, the crazy finger-pointing alone is worth 10 minutes of mocking.

Reason #2 Why I Love Nebraska

This town: Kearney. It’s where I’ve lived for the last eight years, and the place I will say goodbye to in four short weeks. Many things about this town drive me crazy. But many things don’t. I choose to focus on the things that… Continue Reading “Reason #2 Why I Love Nebraska”

Reason #1 Why I Love Nebraska

Legacy Milk comes out of Hallam, NE. They use glass bottles that you can return to the store (Environmentally-friendly! Yea!), they have crazy-fun flavors like Cotton Candy and Root Beer. You pay a little extra, but it completely worth it. They don’t use any… Continue Reading “Reason #1 Why I Love Nebraska”

If this doesn’t scare you a little…

… not much will. When the tornado is at 10 o’clock, they are approximately 6 blocks west of where I live. Here’s photo of the storm itself:

To Be a Child…

This little boy is from Nebraska, and he called into a radio show in Houston to share this story. It’s sweet and wonderful. It’s even a little cheesy, but sometimes we can all use a little cheese.