Reason #1 Why I Love Nebraska

Legacy Milk comes out of Hallam, NE. They use glass bottles that you can return to the store (Environmentally-friendly! Yea!), they have crazy-fun flavors like Cotton Candy and Root Beer. You pay a little extra, but it completely worth it. They don’t use any growth-hormones, and it just tastes good.

4 Comments on “Reason #1 Why I Love Nebraska

  1. Wait a minute….let me understand this, they have root beer flavored milk?I love the idea of glass bottles. When I was a kid we had milk delivered to our house in glass bottles, I think they delivered eggs too.


  2. yeah, we get this milk when we have a little extra cash in the budget. the $1.50 bottle return keeps recycling at the forfront of everyone’s mind! it is the best milk, bar none!i love it even more now, knowing it is from NE!


  3. Yes, they have root beer flavored milk and it’s yummy.$1.50? Lucky. It’s $2.00 here. But like you said, it forces you to keep recycling on the brain!


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