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It’s Christmas Time

Tonight was my first foray into Christmas shopping for the season. My friend Angie and I made plans to have a girls night out and braved the mall scene. I rarely go to to mall here in town. Not because it doesn’t have a… Continue Reading “It’s Christmas Time”

The Cranes

I spent last Saturday with my brother who lives by Overton, Nebraska, a small town about 45 minutes from where I live. As the evening approached, we decided to take a drive to see if we could capture some photos of the rural farm… Continue Reading “The Cranes”

The Death of Good Coffee

I was driving through my neighborhood grocery store parking lot when I discovered this: For a while now I’ve been wondering what the little building was to become. The sign finally went up.. this town is getting it’s third Starbucks. Not that the other… Continue Reading “The Death of Good Coffee”

My Fight for High-Ability Learning

Back in high school, I suppose I was what most people would call a “nerd”. Not because I was ridiculously smart – I’m not – but because of other gifts I had. Attending public school in a town of less than 400 residents, there… Continue Reading “My Fight for High-Ability Learning”


I’m so proud of my state. Height Saves Child Molester from Jail Really? Is this judge kidding?