Reason #5 Why I Love Nebraska

Because it’s home.

6 Comments on “Reason #5 Why I Love Nebraska

  1. Thanks…New state… new pic… it was time for a new layout.And this post seemed particularly appropriate because Creve Coeur is french for broken heart. Thus, the photo on this post.


  2. Oh Steph, that breaks my heart too! I know it’s really hard, and really sucky, but you are such an amazing person, and think of all the other amazing people you are going to meet on this journey. I Love you TONS and I know you are going to rock their sauce.


  3. Experience says: You always miss Nebraska.What can I say, it’s a heckuva state?Missouri’s nice too, though…give it a chance. 🙂Hang in there…seminary can be downright overwhelming at first.


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