Wednesday night on my way to church for my last praise team rehearsal, I accidentally took my usual route, forgetting that two weeks ago my usual exit was closed for construction. So instead of taking an alternate route I ended up having to drive about 4-5 miles out of my way. And as I turned the corner and drove down this strange road I realized why.

I was overcome with emotion. (That tends to happen when I’m driving.) I had to pull over, pause, take a picture and let my heart be filled. I don’t think I’ve ever been so scared and so worried about anything in my life as I am about moving to St. Louis, starting a new job and beginning my seminary education. I’m not having second thoughts; I’m not even worried that I might have made the wrong decision. I’m worried about how I will adjust, and how I will make a new and completely different life for myself. I will be desperate for my home, my friends, my family and the comfort my current life provides. I am worried I will let that become too much for me.

So basically, I just think the next two years will be too hard for me handle.

But then this rainbow appeared. It appear in front of me and all five colors were breathtaking and they disappeared up into the clouds. Then God reminded me that this next step is what he made me for, and the joy of what is to come rushed over me.

“Nothing worth doing is ever easy”, I wrote years ago in a goodbye letter. And for the last few weeks I’d forgotten that truth. I took the wrong way to praise team rehearsal because God wanted to remind me how much he loves me and how abundant his promises are. He will never leave me nor forsake me, though I’ve done that to him many times. His grace is enough to cover me…

And I will stand on that promise.

7 Comments on “Promise

  1. I imagine Abraham had similar thinkings when he left Ur.. I admire you Stephanie and am standing with you believing that promise.Blessings, Bob


  2. When I moved to St Paul I had to pull over under an overpass as I pulled into the city so that I could roll up all the windows (I was driving the rental truck and towing my car). I started to cry at all the unknowns and then I looked up and saw a rainbow. God is amazing.I’m so excited for you. I love St. Louis. I lived there one summer during college. Go to the MUNY, you will love it. And Ted Drewes and Fitz’s or is it Fritz. Now that I think about it, that was a really long time ago. Still love it though. You’ll be stellar, Steph, I know it!


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