Month: November 2006

Laughter at the Office

I got laughed at today. Hard. It’s not really embarrassing. A co-worker laughed at me. To the point where he nearly fell off his chair. I love Jay. He’s a 40 yr. old man in a 24 yr. old’s body. (The little brother I… Continue Reading “Laughter at the Office”

25 Things Most People Don’t Know About Me

1.) I’m addicted to Orbit’s Sweet Mint gum. 2.) I am the most like my dad, but I fear I am turning into my mother. 3.) The crock pot is my favorite invention (next to the DVD player). 4.) I think The Office is… Continue Reading “25 Things Most People Don’t Know About Me”

The Huskers and OJ

The Colorado/Nebraska game is this Friday. I cannot even remember a time when we didn’t play this team the day after Thanksgiving, nor can I remember a time when they were acually a team I enjoyed watching play the Huskers.(Be gone, oranges on the… Continue Reading “The Huskers and OJ”

Focusing on Christ

I had a professor in college who once said, “Jesus will never ask us to do something he hasn’t done himself.” The process of restoration that I began nearly a year ago is still with me, if only in small pieces. I can happily… Continue Reading “Focusing on Christ”

Songs to Do Next

One of the overwhelming things about being a worship leader is deciding what new songs to tackle next. There’s a lot of great stuff out there, but there is also just as much junk. The basic stuff I look for when choosing new songs… Continue Reading “Songs to Do Next”

I guess I’m… surprised?

Haggard Resigns from New Life Church I am surprised. But at the same time I’m not. Nothing much surprises me anymore. We live in a world where anything and everythings happens to anyone and everyone. I think I would be more shocked if Donald… Continue Reading “I guess I’m… surprised?”

My Fight for High-Ability Learning

Back in high school, I suppose I was what most people would call a “nerd”. Not because I was ridiculously smart – I’m not – but because of other gifts I had. Attending public school in a town of less than 400 residents, there… Continue Reading “My Fight for High-Ability Learning”

Lego Thriller Happy Halloween… I have no idea how they got them to dance like that. But it’s hilarious.