25 Things Most People Don’t Know About Me

1.) I’m addicted to Orbit’s Sweet Mint gum.

2.) I am the most like my dad, but I fear I am turning into my mother.

3.) The crock pot is my favorite invention (next to the DVD player).

4.) I think The Office is one of the funniest shows on the planet.

5.) I have an aversion to the name “Robby” for an inexplicable reason.

6.) My favorite place to go is the beach – or anywhere near the ocean.

7.) Last year, for my dad’s birthday present, I surprised him by playing a guitar solo for the first time during a communion service. I played his favorite song Amazing Grace and he cried. I won’t ever play that song for anyone else.

8.) I hate Wal-Mart (for all the reasons you’d think).

9.) I hate K-Mart (but not for the reasons you’d think).

10.) I loathe JJ Abrahms. And Alias was one of my favorite shows (until Season 3).

11.) The cars I’ve owned are red, white and blue. (Not all at the same time and not on purpose.)

12.) I have an embarrassing weakness for Chick Lit.

13.) I hate the smell of vanilla, coconut, magnolias or cinnamon.

14.) I cannot make Jello.

15.) I hate to sew, even though my mom and my grandmother have made it one of the biggest parts of their lives.

16.) I was devastated (okay, not really) when I hate to cut my nails to learn how to play guitar.

17.) I am a terrible typist. (Although you can really tell that just by reading one of my posts).

18.) My favorite classic TV show is The Cosby Show.

19.) I have no desire to have kids. Not even a little.

20.) I’d rather be behind the scenes than on stage (preferably as director so I can tell people what to do)

21.) I am in touch with no one from high school. This is very intentional, and I couldn’t care less.

22.) I adore lime flavored tic tacs. All the other flavors are gross.

23.) I also adore Skeet Ulrich. But not for the reason you’d think.

24.) Hallmark commercials make me cry. (And this is related the #23).

25.) I think Will Ferrell is really, really, really funny. And I never thought I’d ever type that sentence.

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