Laughter at the Office

I got laughed at today. Hard.

It’s not really embarrassing. A co-worker laughed at me. To the point where he nearly fell off his chair.

I love Jay. He’s a 40 yr. old man in a 24 yr. old’s body. (The little brother I never had, I tell him). He’s the picture of professionalism, very good at his job, yet usually isn’t afraid to have fun. Today he had fun because he laughed at me. I don’t remember all the details (it wasn’t that interesting) but I do remember that he said something to me that made me think of a sarcastic and mean comment. I bit my tongue and said nothing. He could tell I wanted to say something, so he called me on it. I told him I wasn’t going to say what I was thinking because I was simply working on being a nicer person. So he thoughtfully and sincerely asked “What brought this about?” to which I replied. “I hate people.”

This is where the laughter began. Incessant, non-stop laughter. For a looooooong time. So long that I started laughing because… well, it was funny.

Am I a nice person? I really don’t know. It’s possible I have my moments. It’s also possible the moments are just about sucking up. It’s also possible I’m just being too hard on myself. Either way, my co-worker didn’t disagree with me. (Nor did he agree.) He just laughed.

I wonder if I would be happier than I am now if I was a nice person. Are the two connected? No one in my life is particularly mean to me, so either I have really thick skin or I’m too selfish to notice when someone’s being mean back. (The latter of which is the more likely scenario.)

There really is no point to this story. I just kind of enjoyed the fact that someone had a good laugh at my expense today.

I don’t know why, but I find this test hysterically funny. Probably because I’m not nice. Are they serious with some of those questions? It’s amazing what Google can find.

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