Month: April 2015

i’m no good at this

I was spending some time talking with God last night, trying to make a decision. Not really an earth shattering one, but it kind of was. Because I knew that no matter what choice I made, it meant something was coming to an end.… Continue Reading “i’m no good at this”

blogging thru Scary Close – chapters 12 and 13

Vulnerability and openness act as the soil that fosters security. (pg. 157) In chapter 12, Don writes about a friend who cheated on his wife when their children were very young.  He chose to tell them what he did, once they grew old enough… Continue Reading “blogging thru Scary Close – chapters 12 and 13”

the beauty and the mess of grace

I’ve been thinking about this word a lot lately.   Do you remember that scene in Evan Almighty when Morgan Freeman is talking to Noah’s wife and he says to her, “If someone prays for patience, you think God gives them patience? Or does… Continue Reading “the beauty and the mess of grace”

blogging thru Scary Close [the risk of being careful – chapter 11]

I remember being part of a ministry in college where we were trained to be mediators for our fellow students. We had a wonderful pastor and counselor train us during a weekend retreat each year. Showing us how to listen, how to manage conflict,… Continue Reading “blogging thru Scary Close [the risk of being careful – chapter 11]”