Month: April 2007

Planet Earth

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the last month, I thought I would post about the Planet Earth series the Discovery Channel’s been running since March. Tonight is/was the culmination of this 11-part series in which high-def cameras and non-obtrusive methods… Continue Reading “Planet Earth”

Wisdom for the Day

” …I guarantee you as you look back on your life, what you’ll remember are not the great successes and great experiences, but the great relationships you have. And yes, you’ll have memories of places you’ve seen and things you’ve done and goals you’ve… Continue Reading “Wisdom for the Day”

Fatboy Slim Just for fun.

The Dichotomy of Country Music

I spent Sunday afternoon in our family farm’s shop, refinishing a dresser I found at a local antique store. I’m a farmer’s daughter, yes, and certainly what some would call a “country girl”. But most who know me are surprised when they find this… Continue Reading “The Dichotomy of Country Music”

A Different Kind of Worship Experience

I’ve heard of people who use painting as a form of worship, but I’ve never seen it done. This is really lovely.

Google Maps

1. Go to google.com2. Click on maps3. Click on get directions4. From: New York, New York…To: Paris, France.5. Read line #236. Laugh, and repost Made my day.

Counting the days…

…21 to be exact, until the release of Derek Webb’s new album, The Ringing Bell. But doing just enough to torture (just a little) and tease (a great deal) is a site set up to not only hear the entire thing, but to see… Continue Reading “Counting the days…”