Month: November 2009


Me and the trees, losing our leavesFalling like blood on the groundI want to be evergreenEverything dies, I know last nightPart of me wasn’t aroundI want to be evergreenYeah, evergreen… Waiting, and listeningHoping and missing all of our time left aloneI’m the one cutting… Continue Reading “Evergreen”

Breathe In Breathe Out

I walked outside this morning, bundled up in a couple of sweatshirts, my coat, a scarf and my slippers. It was 6am and I sat on the porch swing hanging *under* our porch. I started to swing. I watched a few lone cars traveling… Continue Reading “Breathe In Breathe Out”


This is the winter I am used to. Driving on a gravel road, looking to my right or left and seeing the tracks of a combine, a truck or a tractor in the field. The shelter of trees in the background tell me that… Continue Reading “Winter”