Month: February 2007

And the Award Goes to…

For the lamest, most insensitive newspaper quote ever: the award goes to Lt. Dennis Lewis of the Kearney Police Department. Kearney’s longest known transient died last weekend after being hit by a pickup. And what does the police department have to say about it?… Continue Reading “And the Award Goes to…”

I’m in a Waterdeep Mood

An all Waterdeep mix is on my ipod. I cannot help but empty my head of the crap that’s filled it today, sit back and let the mellow wash over me. Ah, how I’ve missed them. Please get back into the studio someday, Waterdeep.… Continue Reading “I’m in a Waterdeep Mood”

No children? Then no marriage

Proponents of same-sex marriage have introduced an initiative that would put a whole new twist on traditional unions between men and women: It would require heterosexual couples to have children within three years or else have their marriages annulled. Initiative 957 was filed by… Continue Reading “No children? Then no marriage”

Crashing Down… in a puddle, of all things.

For the better part of the evening, I felt free. I knew I would see someone tonight that hurt me. I would once again come face to face with a person who promised many things to me and didn’t follow through. I knew this… Continue Reading “Crashing Down… in a puddle, of all things.”

Top Ten Most Romantic Movie Lines

…that I can remember. I’m sure there are more. 10.) “If I could measure the beauty of her eyes, I was born to look into them and know myself.” -Shakespeare in Love 9.) “The world moves for love. It kneels before it in awe.”… Continue Reading “Top Ten Most Romantic Movie Lines”

Shut Up and Sing

I’m ashamed to say that back in 2003 I was mad at Natalie Mains for saying what she did. I was equally mad at Toby Keith for being stupid. I didn’t buy either album as I’m not much of a country music fan (of… Continue Reading “Shut Up and Sing”

The New Highlight of My Week

I finally broke down and got myself cable tv. I decided to stop bothering my friends and save myself the $1.99 charges from iTunes. Yes, I’ve finally entered the 19th century, even if it is a little late. So for the last few weeks… Continue Reading “The New Highlight of My Week”

God, Inc. Ep.2

“What department are you with?” “Miracles.” “You mean like seeing Jesus’ face in a tortilla?” “No, that’s publicity.” Love it.

God, Inc.

Leave your politically correctness behind, and your offended sensibility at home, because I find this series ridiculously hilarious. But it’s not for the faint of heart. God, Inc. Episode 1 There are five episodes total so far. Stephen Faulk (or stee, as many know… Continue Reading “God, Inc.”

NFL Fumbles

Kansas Bob discovered this before me. No Super Bowl in Church I find this situation very irritating.