Month: June 2012

dry bones

This last week was a very frustrating and difficult time for me. There was a big event going on at church. It was not one I was in charge of, but one in which I was more of over-seer and a support of a… Continue Reading “dry bones”

in which a "kid" takes care of me

Thomas is the first person I’ve ever hired. I didn’t do it by myself – I put together a committee of four people to help write the job description, go through resume submissions and then ultimately interviews and the hiring. We could only afford… Continue Reading “in which a "kid" takes care of me”

Me and my dad…

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in which i fall in love with jr. high kids

Some days I feel like I have my hand in just about every area of the church (which I guess is bound to happen in a church our size – 500 – when you and the senior pastor are the only full-time ministry staff)… Continue Reading “in which i fall in love with jr. high kids”

"he caused waters to flow" – a project

When I lived in St. Louis, I grew very tired of the rain. The humidity I could deal with, (sort of) having grown up in the mid-west. It’s never pleasant, but it is simply part of living there. But the rain in St. Louis?… Continue Reading “"he caused waters to flow" – a project”