Month: February 2008


Best News I’ve Heard All Year

A $10 million fine was handed down to Topeka’s own Fred Phelps and his ignorant, obnoxious, makes-me-sick-to-my-stomach “congregation”. From the article in the Baltimore Sun: [Judge] Bennett affirmed the jury’s verdict in favor of Snyder’s father, who sued the church for emotional distress and… Continue Reading “Best News I’ve Heard All Year”

Pop Culture Quote Monday

In honor of the 80th Annual Oscar Ceremony last night, a classic quote from a best picture winner: K-Mart sucks.


And no, it’s not Photoshopped. Read the story here.


My squeeeee moment for the night… getting to see Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova perform at the Oscars tonight… and to see them win!

For the Democratics that are Undecided

Chris Matthews recently interviewed a supporter of Barack Obama and a supporter of Hillary Clinton. Obama’s support flubbed in a major way – see the video over at Kansas Bob‘s. A response to Kansas Bob is located here: Is Barack Obama an empty suit?… Continue Reading “For the Democratics that are Undecided”

Rich Young Ruler

We are tackling the tough text of Matthew 19 a week from this Sunday. What’s better song to include than the great Derek Webb song Rich Young Ruler? Here’s a video I made to show at the service.

My Laugh for the Day

Can we all just take a moment to make fun of this?

Pop Culture Quote Monday

This one’s way too easy… especially if you watched this season of the Office. Break me off a piece of that ___ ___ ___.

Chiseling Away

For the past several weeks, God’s been doing a funny thing to me. It started with a surprising incident – during a time of worship that I wasn’t leading. He makes all things good was the line in the song that stuck out for… Continue Reading “Chiseling Away”