Month: January 2006

Metaphor for Life?

What I’m listening to: Nickel Creek’s This Side I was visiting my very good friends in Wyoming last weekend and they are going through “The Purpose Drive Life” for the second time at their new church. And my friend had a revelation for herself… Continue Reading “Metaphor for Life?”


What I’m listening to: Gretal’s Unreturnable Dirt and Grant Lee Phillips’s Virginia Creeper What is the process of sanctification? Simple. The process we go through to become more like Christ. “Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus, because… Continue Reading “Sanctification/Restoration”

Everyone Else is Talking About it

‘End of the Spear’: missions buffeted by U.S. culture war There is much controversy in the Christian community concerning the movie End of the Spear . (I will carefully note this is all happening just after the movie is released in theaters, and the… Continue Reading “Everyone Else is Talking About it”

The Space Between

What I’m listening to: Santus Real’s Fight the Tide I remember the first time I heard a Dave Matthews song. It was well before they were mainstream and I was standing in line at the cafeteria and two people I knew were singing: What… Continue Reading “The Space Between”

The Birth Order Predictor

What I’m listening to: Music Inspired by the Chronicles of Narnia Huh. Interesting. I have two much older brothers. So I guess I am an only child in a way. The rest of it is nearly dead on. You Are Likely an Only Child… Continue Reading “The Birth Order Predictor”

Being Watered

What’s I’m listening to: Plumb’s Candycoatedwaterdrops I’ve decided that we’re not that much different than plants. A plant gives and gives oxygen. But if you don’t water it, it dies. I’ve been around the people who are constantly striving. Striving to be better, striving… Continue Reading “Being Watered”

Reflecting Light

I’ve had such a surreal day… and sometimes the only thing that can truly express the way I feel, is someone else’s words… Sam Phillips – Reflecting Light Now that I’ve worn out, I’ve worn out the worldI’m on my knees in fascinationLooking through… Continue Reading “Reflecting Light”

Being the Better Person

Every time I go to my small group, I end up feeling convicted about something. And it’s driving me crazy. I had a friend back in college who blew up at me once – and it was for something pretty silly. He was mad… Continue Reading “Being the Better Person”


What I’m listening to: PFR’s Disappear Why in the world do we thinking by avoiding something the problem will go away? Maybe it’s a situation, a person, a sin we want to oversome. Something in our life that’s a thorn in our side, something… Continue Reading “Avoidance”

Love and the Church

What I’m listening to: Sarah Masen’s The Dreamlife of Angels I was just out of college and searching for a new church. The city of Colorado Springs was my new home, so I had plenty of options. I decided to start with what I… Continue Reading “Love and the Church”