Month: October 2005

Never Underestimate God

What I’m listening to: Rich Mullin’s A Liturgy, A Legacy & A Ragamuffin Band I was so nervous this morning. And I never get nervous. Not when it comes to leading worship, anyway. When I first started to lead with my guitar, I was… Continue Reading “Never Underestimate God”

Answering the Call

What I’m listening to: Tait’s Empty My friend Shannon is in Budapest – she left last month to join the YWAM mission group there and I’m thrilled for her. She sent me these great pictures this week of her new apartment and roommate. She… Continue Reading “Answering the Call”

What Peace? and What Heart?

…when you least expect it… I learned a very valuable lesson. I learned what it means to strive for excellence, not perfection. And I finally know and have experienced the raw power of God’s peace. A friend of mine once said, “I make the… Continue Reading “What Peace? and What Heart?”

At home with the huskers

Never Underestimate My Ability to Doubt Myself

What I’m listening to: Chris Tomlin’s Arriving I’ve been hearing a theme in my everyday life lately – fear. “Fear not” is the most frequent instruction God gives us in the Bible. Probably not a coincidence. Fear can sink fast – without you even… Continue Reading “Never Underestimate My Ability to Doubt Myself”

may i wear black?

What I’m listening to: Don Chaffer’s You Were at the Time for Love coffee and daylight obscure my senses as the sun goes downmy eyes travel across pages with words i do not want to facei want to be put awaywhere no one is… Continue Reading “may i wear black?”

Don’t Shoot Me Because I’m A Mac Person

What I’m listening to: Aimee Mann Man, do I catch a lot of crap for being a Mac person. In this sad little PC world, I actually find myself seeking out Mac people. And when we find each other, it’s like there’s this weird… Continue Reading “Don’t Shoot Me Because I’m A Mac Person”

When did I become an adult?

What I’m listening to: Soundtrack to O Brother Where Art Thou I still remember sitting in my AP English classroom in high school, filling out my applications to college, repeating my S.S. # over and over again, wondering where I’d end up next. I… Continue Reading “When did I become an adult?”

Misplaced Obsessiveness

What I’m listening to: Plumb’s Beautiful Lumps of Coal So I’m innocently shopping at my hometown Hobby Lobby – a little against protest, not because I hate the store, but because the last 7 days of my life were overtaken by a scrapbook my… Continue Reading “Misplaced Obsessiveness”

Hunger and Thirst

What I’m listening to: Jennifer Knapp’s Wishing Well Our physical bodies need things to survive – the air we breath, the food we eat, the water we drink. Without these things, our bodies deteriorate. And what does our soul need to survive? Some say… Continue Reading “Hunger and Thirst”