Month: April 2014

detachment, part 2 [living life without expectations]

As I practice my words here, and work out what I am feeling and experiencing in my life through these words, I’m recognizing the courage of emotionally connecting with myself is different from emotionally connecting with other people.   For those to whom I… Continue Reading “detachment, part 2 [living life without expectations]”

detachment, part 1 [living life without expectations]

I was standing in the kitchen across from her. She was sitting up on the counter and telling me about her latest group session class. The topic was detachment, and as I listening to her explain who it manifested itself in adult relationships, there… Continue Reading “detachment, part 1 [living life without expectations]”

heartache [living life without expectations]

There are few things universal to the human experience. Heartache is one of them. We may feel it differently, process it differently, react differently… but make no mistake, we’ve all experienced heartache. And the thing about heartache is that no one wants to experience… Continue Reading “heartache [living life without expectations]”