Month: May 2015

blogging thru Scary Close – chapters 15 and 16

“You complete me” is the line that lost me in the movie Jerry McGuire. It’s just such a ridiculous concept. Having this expectation of another person is CRAZY. I mean it. Downright crazy. But it sounds so romantic. This whole idea that getting married will… Continue Reading “blogging thru Scary Close – chapters 15 and 16”

blogging thru Scary Close – chapter 14

Chapter 14 is called Do Men Do Intimacy Differently? This is the longest chapter in the book, and the one all the women will run to in attempt to understand the men in their lives. Will it accomplish that? I’m not sure. The first… Continue Reading “blogging thru Scary Close – chapter 14”

loving a person… it’s no small thing

This pretty much sums up the last couple of weeks for me. It’s the “reaching out and trying” part that hits me pretty hard right now.Loving a person just the way they are, it’s no small thingIt takes some time to see things throughSometimes… Continue Reading “loving a person… it’s no small thing”