Month: December 2006

Best of ’06 – Movies

It was a rough year for good movies… Little Miss Sunshine I love Toni Collette and adore every movie I’ve seen her in. Then you add Steve Carell, Alan Arkin and Greg Kinnear? This tiny little independant movie was the most enjoyable thing I… Continue Reading “Best of ’06 – Movies”

Once Again…

…I’m so proud of my state.Flatulence Allegedly Sparks Jail Fight It doesn’t get much worse than this. Dang, it’s good to be a Nebraskan.

Best of ’06 – on the Pop Culture Realm

Television Best Ad Campaign: Apple Computers. (Like I would say anything else.) Best New TV Show: Heroes, without a doubt. I also really love The Nine. Best Season Finale: Grey’s Anatomy. The Office runs a fairly close second, but only because I discovered the… Continue Reading “Best of ’06 – on the Pop Culture Realm”

Merry Christmas

And Happy New Year.

What a Difference a Rain Makes

These branches are littering my backyard. Poor little tree. Still no snow. It’s December 21st and still no snow. This irritates me. A lot. Better rain… ….is the kind at a husker game in September. Only the die hard fans stay… especially when your… Continue Reading “What a Difference a Rain Makes”

Domesticated steph

The week of Christmas fell swiftly upon us and without much fanfare. I have several family celebrations to attend this weekend, which means I am in the kitchen this week. A lot. My dad’s side of the family doesn’t have any cooks, which is… Continue Reading “Domesticated steph”

Change: What is it Good For?

Ever have one of those days where you promise yourself it will be different than the last, only to fall back into your normal routine and fail at that fail miserably (and let’s face it, somewhat deliberately)? Case in point: I’ve had a book… Continue Reading “Change: What is it Good For?”

You’ve Got to be Kidding Me

Open your iTunes and listen to Relevant Magazine’s podcast from 12/15/06. You won’t regret it. Besides having a great live mini-show from Andrew Peterson, Jill Phillips, Sandra McCraken and Derek Webb, there is a great story in Slices about the Orlando Magic’s mascot boxing… Continue Reading “You’ve Got to be Kidding Me”

Discovering a Little Christmas Spirit

It’s rare for me to have a Sunday off. I actually looked back to count and I only missed leading worship three Sundays this last year – and one was due to illness. But today was the Sunday School Christmas program and the children’s… Continue Reading “Discovering a Little Christmas Spirit”

The Perfect Christian

When a high-profile evangelical Christain leader has a high-profile failure, we all respond differently. I’ve been reading about Jay Bakker, son of the Jim and Tammy Faye, who’s the pastor of a church called Revolution. It’s a small church that holds a casual service… Continue Reading “The Perfect Christian”