Month: November 2005

Repair or Replace?

What I’m listening to: Fleming and John’s Delusions of Grandeur I’m running errands over my lunch break today and I’ve got the radio tuned to New Life Live by default – I’m usually listening to The Bridge , a local christian radio station, when… Continue Reading “Repair or Replace?”

Snow Makes Me A Loner

What I’m listening to: Gretel’s Unreturnable Dirt _____________________________________________________________I’ve discovered something about myself this last weekend. When push comes to shove, I’m more of a loner than a people person. I’ve been snowed-in since yesterday afternoon. I love snow. I love it’s beauty, the way… Continue Reading “Snow Makes Me A Loner”

I’m Addicted

What I’m listening to: John Mayer’s Any Given Thursday I can’t help it. I’m addicted to TV shows on DVD. I don’t have cable. I’ve always seen it as an unnecessary expense, I never had it growing up, so I don’t really know what… Continue Reading “I’m Addicted”


What I’m listening to: Caedmon’s Call’s Share the Well Completely fascinating. Intensely shocking. Progressively moving. And I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen. (That hasn’t happened to me since American Beauty) Crash is not what I expected. But I go into most movies… Continue Reading “Crash”

Playing Pitch and Laughing

What I’m listening to: Norah Jones’ Feels Like Home My sides hurt. From laughing. I’ve been part of a small group bible study for almost a year now. I love it. Every Monday, we meet and go through the study we are currently on.… Continue Reading “Playing Pitch and Laughing”

The Model A

I love this picture of the Model A. My uncle (who the car belongs to –passed on to him from my grandpa) and my grandma are inside. What I’m listening to: Caedmon’s Call’s Back Home

What it Means to Be Held

Well, technically it snowed, but there was no accumulation, so my excitement was preliminary. Boo! The result? It’s just really, really cold and extra windy. Boo! There’s this song by Natalie Grant I’m blaring on my stereo right now called “Held”. The song is… Continue Reading “What it Means to Be Held”

Restoration (Part 2)

What I’m listening to: “Restoration” mix of the following songs: Time-Chantal KreviazukBeautiful-Bethany DillonThe Space In Between Us -Building 429Find Me In The River-Delirious?Much Afraid-Jars Of ClayDo You Dream Of Me?-Across The SkyClose of Autumn-Caedmon’s CallCry A River-Amy GrantStars-(From Les Miserables)This Road- Ginny OwensWho Am… Continue Reading “Restoration (Part 2)”

The Creepiest Light I’ve Ever Seen

I work at a lighting company and a new product we’ve introduced is one-of-a-kind glass art pendants. He hand-blows them, signs each one so it really is like getting your own piece of art. And I really like the artist. A lot of his… Continue Reading “The Creepiest Light I’ve Ever Seen”

Restoration (Part 1)

What I’m listening to: Tenth Hour Calling I’ve been broken and beaten down. In many ways, over many years. By many people. Mostly, I’ve just never dealt with the brokeness. Time has done well to heal some wounds, but never have I taken time… Continue Reading “Restoration (Part 1)”