Month: December 2009

My Favorite of 2009 – Music

Derek Webb – Stockholm Syndrome Derek’s never been afraid of controversy and his latest is no exception. Full of crazy and catchy electronic sounds and lyrics, Derek album covers a huge gamut of hot button issues, such as consumerism, date rape, the war and… Continue Reading “My Favorite of 2009 – Music”

The Answer Man

This semester I read a great book, A Matrix of Meanings, that significantly altered the way I view pop culture. And today I had had the experience of watching a movie through the matrix of meanings the authors write about. In celebration of finishing… Continue Reading “The Answer Man”

Seminary and Money

I hate that those two words even have to go together. But it’s a very real issue I face every single day. When I first left my full-time job and moved to St. Louis, the first thing that scared me to death was the… Continue Reading “Seminary and Money”