My Favorite of 2009 – Music

Derek Webb – Stockholm Syndrome

Derek’s never been afraid of controversy and his latest is no exception. Full of crazy and catchy electronic sounds and lyrics, Derek album covers a huge gamut of hot button issues, such as consumerism, date rape, the war and the way Christian treat homosexuals. Not only is it musically creative, but it stirs the mind and the heart. That’s exactly why it’s on list.

Steven Curtis Chapman – Beauty Will Rise

Let’s be honest, SCC is old for the music industry, even the Christian music industry. Dude’s been around for years. But there is a reason. He’s just writes great music.

In the wake of his daughter’s tragic death, I think we all wondered what his next album would be like. And it was amazing. The only way to first listen to this album is in one sitting, uninterrupted, where you can hear every lyric and every crack in his voice. (And don’t forget the tissues.) Every song is about Maria, his family’s wrestling with God’s sovereignty in the midst of pain, and it is absolutely heart-breaking.

Switchfoot – Hello Hurricane.

The reason this album is on my list, even though I’ve failed to give it a really good and hard listen? Is this song: Always. Here are a taste of the lyrics:

I’m caving in
I’m in love again
I’m a wretched man
Every breath is a second chance

Oh, and it’s produced by Charlie Peacock, so that alone gives it a spot.

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