Pop Culture Quote Monday

Come on, you guys. That one isn’t that hard!!!!! You can do it!

A: You can never go too far. B: If I’m gonna get busted, it is *not* gonna be by a guy like that.

6 Comments on “Pop Culture Quote Monday

  1. is this from friends? the emphasis on “NOT” is throwing me….and where do you come up with all these?you are good!


  2. Nope. Not Friends. But I can see where you’d think that because of the *not*.Ferris Bueller’s Day Off!!!! I’m so sad no one got that one.Where do I find them? Two places: the recesses of my mind (I’m pretty sure my memory is ridiculously long – like I should be studied by NASA or something) and the movie quotes sometimes come from imdb.com. Pick a movie and there is usually a whole slew of quotes from it that people enter.


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