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Invisible Children

One of the beautiful things about the electronic age is the ease it’s given us in contact our Senators and Representatives. Today I received an email from World Vision: Did you know that an estimated 250,000 children are exploited in armed conflicts worldwide? These… Continue Reading “Invisible Children”

Ego Stroking

Musicians. *rolls eyes* *shakes head* Oy. As a worship director, I have the sometimes daunting task of dealing with… well, “different” personalities. As my mother repeated to me over and over as a child “Music people are funny.” Not funny ha-ha. Funny weird. I… Continue Reading “Ego Stroking”

The Joy of Celebration

It’s quite cold here in the central part of the state. The wind is biting and chilling us to the bones. I’ve finally dug out my winter coat and searched in vain for my hat this morning. It’s just as well… my hair looked… Continue Reading “The Joy of Celebration”


What I’m listening to: My Restoration mix Five Qualities of an Effective Worship Leader (by Lamar Boschman)1.) Knowledge of God (Have a large view of God) 2.) A Heart Shaped by Worship (Be a worshiper in private)3.) Intuitiveness (Sensitivity to the Holy Spirit is… Continue Reading “Authentic”