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disappointment, love and being an INFJ

It’s been a while since I’ve talked about disappointment in a post. And I’m experiencing it in spades right now, so that usually means I needs to write about it. So I can figure out how I feel. Yes, this is how an INFJ works.… Continue Reading “disappointment, love and being an INFJ”

in repair

You may have noticed something different around here. I’ve always, for the last several years of blogging, tried my best to be honest in my writing. Part of it is exposing what is inside of me to the outside world, and figuring out just… Continue Reading “in repair”

tight corners, feelings and self-talk

It’s always been a little been hard for me to be truly authentic with people when I feel hurt by them. Much of this is part of my own story, going back years and years of being taught that I was too sensitive and… Continue Reading “tight corners, feelings and self-talk”

the slow art of mending

When I find myself trying not to look across the room, wondering. When I find myself waiting for that acceptance in some form of contact. When I find myself assuming rather than knowing. When I find myself waiting and hoping that this isn’t really… Continue Reading “the slow art of mending”

my umbrella for 2013

In many ways, I am happily leaving 2012 behind. In other ways, I’m scared for what this means for 2013. My first two years in vocational full-time ministry have been painful. They’ve been a struggle. But I have never loved Jesus more in my… Continue Reading “my umbrella for 2013”


A friend of mine recently got married, and she said something very intriguing to me when she described the feelings she had on her wedding day. She said, “There was this part of me that wasn’t ready to let go of my parents, because… Continue Reading “Trust”

A Word from the Lord

It’s my last semester of seminary, so that means job hunting. Yuck. But I found a job description excited me. So I called the church and talked to the senior pastor. He went to seminary with friends of mine from college. His wife is… Continue Reading “A Word from the Lord”

Breathe In Breathe Out

I walked outside this morning, bundled up in a couple of sweatshirts, my coat, a scarf and my slippers. It was 6am and I sat on the porch swing hanging *under* our porch. I started to swing. I watched a few lone cars traveling… Continue Reading “Breathe In Breathe Out”

Why Be Vulnerable?

I’m good a keeping people at arms length. I’m fully aware of how this isn’t healthy behavior, but over years and years of getting hurt, I’ve found keeping people at arms length to be my survival technique. My fear of being hurt can be… Continue Reading “Why Be Vulnerable?”

It’s funny what affects us…

What a great way to start my day. Carlos, over at posted last night about leaving his great and wonderful job aa Creative Programming Director at Buckhead Church. So, I’m going through my reader this morning, see the post and so I head… Continue Reading “It’s funny what affects us…”