Effective and Intentional

What I’ve listening to: My Restoration Mix

Our pastor is asking all the leaders in the church to comes to the next ministry team meeting with these two words in mind: Effective and Intentional.He’s asked us to examine the effectiveness and intentionality of the ministry we lead.

All I have to say is: finally. I cannot wait to sit down and talk about this! I hope this meeting brings up some incredibly important issues that face the church today. How we tend to see “service to God” as a replacement for a “relationship with God”. How sometimes we have no idea why a ministry exsists in a church, but we do it becasue it’s always been done (whether or not it’s effective or intentional.)

Here’s my list of comments (so far) about the worship ministry:


-Worship can only be effective (I.e. honorable to God and draws us closer to him) if the content is biblical

-It’s difficult for worship to be effective for everyone because of each generation’s preference of musical style. Where does the heart come into play here?

-I struggle with this issue “If the worship in this church is not effective, how do I know it because of what we’re doing (or not doing) or because of the hearts in this congregation?” And if it’s because of the hearts, what can I do to facilitate change?


-Worship is an intentional response to who God is and what he does

-Our ministry exists to intentionally give God the praise he deserves (“to magnify the worth of God and the redemptive work of Christ”)

-Our ministry exists to intentionally draws us closer to God

– We are intentionally quarterbacks not the coaches

-More than anything else, intentional and purposeful worship starts with the heart

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