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Dry Land

I spend a lot of time during my day thinking about God. In fact, most of the time that’s all I do. Think. And I think I’ve managed to substitute thinking about God for communicating with God. I read books about God, blog posts… Continue Reading “Dry Land”

A Different Kind of Worship Experience

I’ve heard of people who use painting as a form of worship, but I’ve never seen it done. This is really lovely.

Is God Romancing Us?

Steve Fuller over at A Better Way has a great post today about a college professor that chose to retire in order to take care of his ailing wife, who is suffering from Alzheimer’s. There’s a video you can watch on his post or… Continue Reading “Is God Romancing Us?”

Top Ten Myths About Christians – Part 2

Read Myths 10-6 here. Myth #5 You have to go to church to be a Christian. How does the old saying go? “Going to church doesn’t make you a Christian any more than standing in the garage makes you a car.” So what does… Continue Reading “Top Ten Myths About Christians – Part 2”

Top 10 Myths About Christians – Part 1

The inspiration for this post came from the link attached to the title of this post. I enjoy reading each week. It’s a chronicle of a brother and sister attending different churches each week and sharing their experiences. Although I’m not sure about… Continue Reading “Top 10 Myths About Christians – Part 1”

Landmarks and Going Thru the Motions

This is a great post. I appreciate blogs on worship because they are leaders like me, in the fray, leading a group of people who are often more concerned with going to church than actually being the church. I don’t get to just “go”… Continue Reading “Landmarks and Going Thru the Motions”

Restoration (Part 2)

What I’m listening to: “Restoration” mix of the following songs: Time-Chantal KreviazukBeautiful-Bethany DillonThe Space In Between Us -Building 429Find Me In The River-Delirious?Much Afraid-Jars Of ClayDo You Dream Of Me?-Across The SkyClose of Autumn-Caedmon’s CallCry A River-Amy GrantStars-(From Les Miserables)This Road- Ginny OwensWho Am… Continue Reading “Restoration (Part 2)”

Never Underestimate God

What I’m listening to: Rich Mullin’s A Liturgy, A Legacy & A Ragamuffin Band I was so nervous this morning. And I never get nervous. Not when it comes to leading worship, anyway. When I first started to lead with my guitar, I was… Continue Reading “Never Underestimate God”