Captain America

Captain America Killed Outside Courthouse

The comic book character was first published during WWII, a time when America was polverized. Much like it is now, so says the co-creator Joe Simon. Captain America was created to be an adversary of Adolf Hilter, and while we all (most of us anyway) now agree that Hilter was indeed an evil man, many Americans at the time saw him as a hero. Tonight on Nightline,
Simon was interviewed, where he said he sees many similarities to then and now.

“We really need him now,” said Simon.

I’m very interested in the different ways Captain America seems to symbolize where American’s mentality is at today. The newscast briefly suggested they killed the character off because of his politics, but went no further in explaining this possibility. What is interesting to me, though, is that back then this character was created. Today, we kill him off.

I don’t think we need Captain America now. My first thought after the co-creator said we needed Captain America was that it was simply another idol to bring about false unity. And Amerca doesn’t need another idol. We’re a little too “healthy” in that department.

…i repent of trading truth for false unity…

2 Comments on “Captain America

  1. I couldn’t agree more. I’m sure it’s not lost on many astute folks, but to pit one national/tribal leader against another is just plain childish.I, for one, am glad he’s dead. Yet, sadly, as the article points out, there will probably be a resurrection. Ah, me.


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