Boys vs. Girls

What I’m listening to: Happy Christmas Vol. 2 (Which was the best version of You’re A Mean One Mr Grinch on it I’ve ever heard.)

I never much enjoyed hanging out with girls when I was younger. Too much drama. The backstabbing, petty, mean-girl behavior never appealed to me. I don’t like hurting people’s feelings, and even when it happens unintentionally I’m upset for days after discovering it. Those girls who make fun of the kid who only has 1 pair of shoes to wear to school and an out-of-date haricut are MEAN. And I never understood how behaving that way made you feel superior. I always felt worse after I did.

Boys? Way less drama. If bad things happened, they dealt with it and moved on. End of story. No heavy emotional baggage gets lugged around with them, so months later it doesn’t sneak up and take it out on you again.

However, I am very happy my preference for men friends is no longer with me.

What would I do without my girlfriends? The kind of friends you can laugh silly with, can understand what you’re going through at work because you’re a woman, and feels with you when are deeply hurt by someone. For many men, it just flies right over their heads. I never feel embarrassed crying during a movie when a woman is next me. And only a woman can find joy in driving around town for and hour and a half just to listen to Christmas music and look at houses decorated with twinkle lights. (By the way, Clay Aiken’s Christmas album is the worst thing I’ve ever heard.)

Nothing can take the place of a really good friend who “gets” you. And a man? Just can’t do that. We are too complicated. And men have this strange desire to fix us. I know it’s part of the whole “chasing after” thing, but sometimes? Men – we don’t need to be fixed. We just need someone to listen to us and love us. If we want you to fix something, we’ll ask you. (At least those of us who aren’t passive-agressive will.)

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