Christmas is Nuts

What I’m listening to: James Taylor Live, Disc 2

So, to only have three family Christmas events to attend isn’t so bad. I’m fortunate to have any family at all to spend the holidays with. On my dad’s side, I have lots of cousins about the same age and they all had babies in the last 3-4 years. So, this year (in which the most recent 4 were born) that Christmas was a little nutty. Not everyone could come, but there were still 6 children under the age of three in one house. 7 more children (under the age of 8) are part of our family.

That. is. nuts. If my grandparents were still alive, they would boast 13 great-grandchildren. All under the age of 8. Nuts.

As one of the three cousins who don’t have kids yet, it’s great practice in case I ever do.

And once again, we did not have a white Christmas. I’m was really holding out for one this year. It’s snowed quite a bit, but we’ve also had 40-50 degree weather. So all the snow is melted. For at least the 5th year in a row there was nothing but dead grass and empty tree limbs to look at through the window.

For some reason having snow on Christmas takes me back to my childhood. I needed that this year. I wanted to remember snow ice-cream, snow clinging to my back after making angels, snowball fights with my brothers, snowmen so tall I had to stand on my radio flyer to put his hat on.

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