Many, many people wax philosophical about the anonymity of the internet. Is it bad or good? Helpful or hurtful? Does it make us more bold than we ought to be? Does it force us inside our home offices, destined to spend our lives in front of a computer, instead of going out and experiencing the world?

That’s a debate I’m not at all interested in starting here. But this blogsite is one that makes me ask these questions.

Submit a postcard size image – with a secret. A regret, a sadness, fear, desire… anything, as long as you’ve never told anyone before.

This is a way the “anonymity” of the internet doesn’t draw us further into that anonymity. No. For me it’s a reminder that each of us have real and honest emotions we are afraid to share with those around us. We may be strangers, but we are all still connected simply by being human.

PostSecret is really a beautiful thing.

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