Diva Meltdown Week

As a once self-proclaimed pop-culture junkie, I’ve stopped keeping up with a lot of it in my old age. There really is too much to do, and there are much betters ways to spend my time than trying to feign interest in E!’s Daily Top Ten. (I do occasionally enjoy The Soup, though, probably because they make fun of everything.) I did, however, happen to catch Best Week Ever last week, and wow… what a week for diva meltdowns.

1.) Lindsey Lohan arrested, again.

2.) Brittney goes crazy, again.

3.) Paula Abdul cries and acts crazy, again.

The second video I have in my sidebar has been there for a while. Craig Ferguson is eloquent and honest in his concern for the stars who clearly need intervention, and he wonders why the friends of these stars don’t say anything. As someone who’s never had a close friend or family member with a major addiction or obvious meltdown like those mentioned above, I really don’t know how I would act in a situation as this.

Where do we draw the line? And this question is two-fold, really: 1.) The line of when do we step in and 2.) the line of when to stop… well, making fun of these people. Our instinct is to make fun, especially of celebrities. (I believe Kathy Griffin built her whole career around this. I know, I’m a Bravo addict. Don’t even ask me about Top Chef or I won’t shut up.)

I appreciate Craig’s honesty and with so much material out there to work with, it’s probably hard not to get a few jokes in at their expense. And as he says, why aren’t their friends stepping in and doing something about it. Is it because all their friends are their employees? Is it because we as a society as so afraid of being PC that we keep our mouths shut in the name of “tolerance” Is the “I don’t want to offend” statement ever okay in situations like this?


We are becoming too dependent on ourselves, and life wasn’t meant to be lived that way. We are created for community with each other. (Read Shaine Claiborne’s Irresistible Revolution for a whole new way of looking at community.) If a friend is crashing and burning, it’s up to us to put out the fire, even if it does offend them. We need to love them that much.

2 Comments on “Diva Meltdown Week

  1. < HREF="http://kansasbob.blogspot.com/2007/02/britney.html" REL="nofollow">Stories like these<> make me sad. Paris, Britney, Lindsey, and others seem to be young women who have never found their way in life. I pray for them hoping that a real Friend will be able to touch their hearts and help them.


  2. Just remember that some folks that you might try to help out of a deep hole may be reaching out to pull you in with them.


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