Defining Moments

As I “prepare” to enter my third year of blogging, I decided to reflect back on the past two years of writing. With life’s typical ups and downs, I’m so glad I stared this experience so I have those defining moments to look back on. Reading some of my old posts was a little shocking, because I can’t believe I was that honest with myself. And I realized just how much writing about these ups and downs brought insight and clarity to my heart and my head.

Never Underestimate God
Repair or Replace?
Being the Better Person
Being Someone Who Matters
The Shield of Faith
Landmarks and Going Through the Motions
Not Being Good Enough
Little Reminders
Small Victories

These aren’t my best posts, or even my favorite posts. They are what I consider “landmarks” in my walk with Christ, and a record of the attempt to live out my life in the best way I can.

I have this blog to remind me of where I was, and just how wonderful it is to be where I am now.

I don’t believe You brought me this far to give up
So everyday I keep on fighting for it
Sometimes it’s hard to tell if I’m faithful
Or a fool to believe You’re still leading me
-Jason Gray’s “This Far”

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