I’m That Girl

I’m that girl who won’t leave the house without her makeup, for fear someone will think less of her.
I’m that girl who is ashamed of most of the clothes she wears…. because they aren’t expensive or nice.
I’m that girl who judges people who don’t have nice or expensive clothes.
I’m that girl who struggles with being real with herself, others, and God.
I’m that girl who will do almost anything to get people to like her.
I’m that girl who lost a job 10 years ago because of a big stupid mistake.
I’m that girl who could lose almost everything if she thinks she’s beyond a stupid mistake.
I’m that girl who feels like a sham because everyone comes to her for advice when secretly she’s thinking “Who in the world am I to be giving anyone advice?”
I’m that girl who loves to check her stat counter because she feels like it means she is important and has something to say.
I’m that girl who thinks that if she does everything perfectly people won’t notice how scared she really is.
I’m that girl who spends 2000 dollars on a new computer then makes you feel bad for not donating to Blood:Water Mission.
I’m that girl who pretends to know all about football, but she really barely understands the game.
I’m that girl who talks smack about those who are less intelligent than her.
I’m that girl who talks smack about those who are less mature than her.
I’m that girl who under promises and over delivers just so she’ll look good.
I’m that girl who agrees with Republicans and Democrats because she just can’t pick a side.
I’m that girl who leaves church knowing the sermon was meant to change her… but rarely does she let it.
I’m that girl who tries too hard to be humble when people compliment her singing or playing.
I’m that girl who is jealous of the trained opera singer she has to sit next to in church choir, only because it means no one can hear her sing.
I’m that girl who is scared to post this, but knew she had to do it. (Thanks Carlos.)

But you know what?
More than all of this.
I’m a girl who is going to continue to let God use her in spite of all that junk in her heart.
Because in spite of all that junk…God can use me.

Let God use you, too. You know he can.

All you have to do is get out of the way.


6 Comments on “I’m That Girl

  1. Sound like your that girl that is open to learning and growing and sharing her journey and brave enough to be real. Congrats on this post it would be hard for anyone to right…and all of us are “that girl/guy”.


  2. Today is the day for great, touching, inspiring, real blogs, Iguess. Thanks, friend! You rock!Oh, and I guess that I should admit I fit into more than one of those categories, too. I’m very good a judging others. I don’t think that’s good.Oh, andbring on the ya’ll! I miss it over here.


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