The 6th post for January Reflections…

Wise: Who is someone currently involved your life that is wise? How do you think they got this way? Send them an email with an attachment to this post to tell them how much you admire them.

The wise of heart is called discerning,
   and sweetness of speech increases persuasiveness. – Proverbs 16: 21

I have a lot of wise people in my life. But I am only going to tell you about one. Her name is Jennifer and I had the privilege of living and knowing her during the most difficult times of her life. She may not be considered by some as “wise” in the traditional sense. But she is wise where I need her to be wise when it comes to our friendship.

When most people think of what a wise person is, they think of someone who is great at giving advice, who is gifted at discerning God’s word, someone who has great life experience behind them, and/or someone who makes good decisions. I think that up until I met this person, I would have narrowly define wisdom this way, too. But I’ve come to learn that wisdom is so much more than that.

Jennifer knows who to discern my heart almost better than anyone else can. She can discern what it is I need in the moment, what words I need to hear, what encouragement and what kink-in-the-butt. She knows when to give me space and when to pursue. She is incredibly gifted a discerning because I NEVER give anyone hints about what I want or need. She reads me really well and there are very few people in the world that can do that. Many have tried, many have failed. She’s just always understood me. (well, maybe not the first couple of months we knew each other…)

I think this is a gift Jennifer was given by God, though she certainly has lived enough life to have a certain amount of wisdom. But when it comes to discernment, I feel that’s an impossible thing to learn. I believe it’s simply innate, and part of me thinks God made it that way so we couldn’t screw it up so much.

There is something about having someone in your life who just knows you… who gets you. (And who still loves and supports you anyway.) God help me be that person to someone. And thank you so much for sending Jennifer to me.

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