Sensing Jesus: Life and Ministry as a Human Being Book Review

I had the privilege of reading Zach Eswine’s book, Sensing Jesus, through Net Galley, this winter. What a privilege it was.

Not only does Eswine help you understand the emotions behind what it means to be a ministry leader and a follower of Jesus, but he builds a solid foundational base on scripture by which to stand as one. The author talks you through all the feelings of being broken and beaten-down in ministry and reminds you that Jesus is where you hope lies.

I felt like, as I got further and further into the book, that I was getting to know Zach as a friend and brother in Christ. His writing style is personal, poetic, and reads much like a memoir (my favorite genre of books).

I truly felt that not only was I not alone in experiencing what I had in ministry (the ups and downs) but also felt as if I had a true friend in the author. A book that gives me a sense of who the author truly is, rather than how they want me to see them, is the best kind of book. His authenticity and transparency is remarkable.

Zach is a great writer, who writes with deep feeling and honesty. He writes with a poetic soul, the words more like a symphony than a sentence, reminding us that we are highly creative beings, made by a wonderfully creative God.

This is a must-read for another going into the ministry and a wonderful balm for the soul for those who’ve been in it for a while. Zach truly has an understanding of the human heart, and isn’t afraid to be open and honest about the struggles we all go through as we seek to serve God in the local church.

3 Comments on “Sensing Jesus: Life and Ministry as a Human Being Book Review

  1. Yes, I thoroughly enjoyed the book as well. It seemed as if God put the book in my lap just prior to our missional communal living in East Hollywood. The behind the scene realities of missional living help to temper my expectations and to focus on ordinary life loving Christ moment by moment.


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