I have been spending some time in the book of Exodus lately, learning about how the Israelites acted when they were living in slavery.
Discouragement is the one word that kept standing out to me this week.
Then I remembered a conversation I had with a friend about 4 years ago, when he had just moved to a new state, had a new job and started his life over. He was recalling our time together in the town we’ve both moved on from and he called it, “my time in the desert”
Maybe that’s my time here, right now. While I am actually in the desert, so the irony is not lost, I am wandering. I am lost. I am trying so hard to trust God when I just don’t feel him in this. Or maybe it’s that I feel so much of him and I don’t know which “feel” to listen to right now.
Wandering the desert makes me feel dry, dusty, gross and dirty.
When all I want is to be made new.
One of my favorite verses in running through my head right now (I need to write a song about it.) “He makes all things new” and I long for a time to be refreshed and not discouraged by it all. I long for a time when I can see God working in my life and it isn’t so damn hard.


I know that being made new doesn’t really happen – our wounds and scars remain long after they are healed. I’m ok with that. But being new is also about moving on and all I feel right now is stuck. Stuck in the dirt. Stuck in the mess. And right now, stuck with used tissues covering my desk as I think about discouragement.

4 Comments on “new

  1. I so appreciate your honesty. I, too, have felt stuck in different places of my journey. And you put words to the ache and frustration so perfectly here. Great post, friend! Keep writing!


  2. This SOOOO resonates with me. Those desert years that I thought I would never live through…those years I thought the vultures would get me…those years that worked so much out of me.

    The thought that comes to me as I read your post, “Those Israelites were disappointed because they didn't know who they were…they didn't know WHOSE they were.” My time in the desert was all about finding out both who I am and WHOSE I am. Still figuring those things out…

    Praying today for you to have your “Streams in the Desert” time…the refreshing that comes during those times of being stuck. And also, praying for inspiration to write that SONG!!! 🙂 Hugs.


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