Thoughts I Had During “Winter” – a Gilmore Girls Reflection


“I smell snow” I squealed. I admit. Not just because I love snow, but because I honestly thought they might start with Fall. You know, since it’s Fall when this is releasing. But then I wondered if maybe they would end with Fall, since that’s clearly what the show is known for. Wow. I’ve thought about this a lot.

“I’ve missed ya, kid” Yes, Lauren Graham choked up. So did I. A nice nod, a nice moment, to give the fans. Yes, it has been years.

Coffee and tacos? Sounds just gross enough to work. (See what I did there? The die-hards will know.)

One day? Who can afford two transcontinental flights in three days?

From Ben Affleck? What pop culture reference is that? I’ve never seen the Marvel movies, so probably something there. Iron Man. It starts and end with that for me.

Rory soooo doesn’t have any coffee in her cup.

Three phones? That’s nuts.

Rory, don’t say crap during a work call. So unprofessional. 

And don’t run once you find a clear signal. Haven’t you EVER lived in a small town?

Climbing up on a ladder in Dosee’s? Throwing the cabbage and saying “Come again!” Gilmore Girls is back. Squeeeeeee.

Wow. Dosee’s is so bright. So professional. So not small town anymore.


Not finding the Ooooooober thing all that funny. 

The pig from the promo is Kirk’s? Of course it is. She’s cute.

Wait, since when does Al’s make coffee?

Ok, the pause for the snow? I get it, but it’s a little forced. Took me out of the moment. Boo.

The troubadour!  I have two of his albums because of this show. Grant Lee Phillips, in case you are wondering.)

I love Stars Hollow at Christmas. The lights really get me in the spirit.

Amy wrote this one? Thank God. Daniel was never a good voice for the show.

The rabbi!!! Great call back.

Whoa. That is one bright kitchen.

“Trigger warnings” I love Amy.

Luke, Lorelei, and Rory in the kitchen… the dialogue and banter doesn’t get any better.

Why in the word did Rory send her boxes to more than one place? Does she enjoy being disorganized? The girl who bought a folder for each class assignment in high school?

Travel wherever the story is to write? If she consistently writes on speck there is no way she could afford this, an apartment, and three cell phone bills.

Paul looks like that singer guy. What’s his name, with the curly hair and the opera voice? 

Using a Trader Joe’s coffee container for a vase… Love it. And I kinda love that I know that a Trader Joe’s coffee container. French Roast. If Lorelei is like me, it’s the low acid kind. But they didn’t show the front so I can’t tell. But it’s clearly the best choice.  

JOSH GROBAN! That’s his name.

Two years? The cotton anniversary. Bye Paul.

Why is Rory wearing a sleeveless dress? It’s January in Connecticut

Scott Patterson’s toupee is just not good. Was all the budget spent on the new lighting? Because they couldn’t given a few hundred to the makeup trailer to fix that.

Loving the old pic of the girls in the bedroom (with the orange scarf). Awwwwww. Nostalgia.

Ok, the tapping thing is kinda funny. She is really bad.

Coffee? It’s the middle of the night. I mean, I know. But really?

Rory is so lost. And she knows it. I see it bubbling under the surface.

I love the Luke bit with the Wi-Fi passwords. It’s so him, though I’m ashamed I didn’t figure it out right away.

Rory’s New Yorker piece fits on the back of a menu? With a large picture of her? How sad. What, did she get paid $50 for it? That wouldn’t pay for a plane ticket to London.

Luke makes a Fudgy Banana Milkshake? Yeah, right. But that sounds amazing. I’m thinking he should go next door for that.

Love Lorelei throwing bagels at Kirk.

They forgot Paul? He orders tea for breakfast? Bye Paul.

What in the heck did Rory order that filled two grocery bags and took 2 minutes to make?

She forgot Paul again. This bit is gonna get old.

Michel!!!!!!!!! I have a feeling they were only able to make him gay because the WB wouldn’t allow that back in 2000.

Hate the couches in the Inn’s living room. Yuck.

Why are there so many Christmas decorations still up? I thought this was after Christmas.

Why is the Inn’s kitchen so dark when everything else on set is so unnaturally bright?!?!?

Roy took the coffee maker? Bye Roy.

I miss Sookie already.

Wait, that’s the size of the coffee maker? I’m sorry to be a wonder killer, but a restaurant would not have a tiny coffee maker like that. And it doesn’t even take up any counter space. Ugh I know, wonder killer.

The Carpenter’s! As weird as the music cue is, I still love it.

Ok, the Gypsy/maid this is just a horrible idea.

Seriously, worst wig ever.

Kelly Bishop looks amazing. That woman is ageless.

Cyrano? Nice moment there.

They are all wearing navy. Interesting.

The painting. Oh, the painting. The Gilmore stare. 

I miss Richard.

The fact that Emily refuses to send back the painting (which is completely out of character) totally proves my consistent point that you just don’t act like yourselves during a trauma.

Rory spitting out her martini during the bellowing of “Wizard, you shall not pass” is one of the funniest missed moments for me so far.

I don’t think I can watch this flashback. So much pain.


I totally don’t buy that Jason would come to the funeral.

Ugh. Off with that toupee, Luke.

Rory really has to leave early the day of the funeral? Just. No.

I know this scene with Lorelei telling the story about the steamer trunk and her dad is awful. And it’s so hard to watch. Yet I have sympathy for her. Because again, you just don’t act like you should during a trauma. Grief messes you up.

This fight scene is so utterly Gilmore and so utterly epic.

These two actress just know how to be mother and daughter, and ASP must have a tumultuous relationships with her mother to write this dialogue so well.

“I’m surprised you didn’t have a pizza delivered during Ava Maria.” Wow. Low blow. Even for Emily. 

The stuff about Luke? Honestly, needed to be said, #confessyourunpopularopinion I’ve always thought Lorelai was selfish when it comes to Luke.

“You never let me make a mistake!” Oh, so painful. Gilmore and grace have never been great at mixing.

”I just lost my father.” WHY doesn’t Lauren Graham have an Emmy?

“Full-freakin’ circle.” I get that reference now that I’ve seen all four episodes, but what did it mean at the time? Emily accuses Lorelei of going back to the town to tell her friends how awful her mother is  How is this a full circle moment? It would be full circle if Emily told her friends how awful Lorelai was, thus completely the circle of Lorelei telling a story to Richard’s friends about how Richard was a less than stellar dad. But it’s not full circle with Lorelai doing what Emily accuses her of heading off to do. The only way this is kind of full circle is that Lorelai accuses her dad, then Emily accuses her daughter. Even then, that’s a half circle at best.  I’m really frustrated by this.

Boxes at Emily’s? That three places so far. Driving me crazy, and is very out of character for Rory.

There is NO WAY Emily knows who Llewyn Davis is.

I hate how rude Emily is to Luke.

“That moment at the Twickim house?” Didn’t it happen at the Inn? It was about the Twickim house, but it wasn’t AT the Twickim house, was it?

I’ve seen this show too much if I know that, I think.

Glad Lorelei is examining Emily’s accusation about her not considering Luke. The one thing always consistent with Emily, despite her feelings and behavior toward Luke and Lorelei’s relationship, is that she always wanted Lorelei to understand what a good marriage takes. (i.e. the conversation she had with her about Christopher and their wedding party.)

See, I really have seen this show too much.

Paris always wanted to do research and find a cure for cancer in medicine, so my guess is that she only ended up here for money, since her family ended up in trouble in that area.

BAHAHAHAHA. Paris is still Paris, firing Smith grads and making Buffy references. I just love her. And partially hate her.

There are a lot of weird things about this whole surrogate thing, but it makes no sense that the color of the surrogates hair is something Paris brings up. Shouldn’t their health and age be the larger issue? 

Ewwwww. “Junk in the trunk… if you like that kind of thing.” Seriously, no wonder Luke thinks this involves him sleeping with someone.

Doogie Howser. That show was on the air for 4 seasons over 20 years ago and it’s still in the pop culture lexicon. Amazing. (On a side note, I wonder whatever happened to Vinnie? Didn’t I see him in something recently?)

…Checking IMDB. Yep, I did. Interestingly, Inside Llewyn Davis is what I saw him in.

Of course Luke left. This whole thing is not only weird, Paris is the WRONG person to sell this surrogacy idea on Luke. He hates her.

This whole Naomi Shropshire storyline is annoying.

I mean, I know it’s coming, but I was still in denial this time around as Rory was talking into the void and then we realize it’s Logan… I just wanted it to be that they were just friends.

I want to like Logan. I do. But he was just so crappy to Rory, as was his dad, and he is just too pretentious for her.

Ew. They are really just each others’ booty call. Gross. 

Wait, she’s having dinner with Paul? Where does he live??

Paris in Stars Hollow is my favorite.

Wait… why does Luke even have Wi-Fi in the diner? It’s not like he lives there anymore, or would ever use it himself. Oh, wait. I can totally see Lorelei making him get it just for her.

Carol King’s daughter!!! I love that Amy made her the troubadour’s sister… so we could hear her sing.

Rory is back in Stars Hollow. Another transatlantic flight. What’s it been, 4 days? Oooooookay.

Ha! They made Doyle a screen writer. Nice nod, Amy. I’m starting to feel like this whole script is just one big love letter/inside joke between her and the cast.

Zach and Lane’s house looks suspiciously like Jackson and Sookie’s house.

Wait. Why is Kirk leaving if he needs an extension cord from Lane? And why didn’t Rory ask Lane for one? That’s kinda rude.

Does Brian still live with Zach and Lane? I wish we learned more of his back story.

The twins are cute!

Rory is keeping the Logan thing from her mom. Yuck. And has she learned NOTHING from the Dean situation?!?

I miss Gil’s crazy hair. And just…no to that eyeliner, Sebastian.

I’m genuinely impressed at how these actors have kept up their musical skills. 

BAHAHAHAHA. Ok, I loved Lorelai’s “Holy Shiiiiii-“ trailing off at the site of her mother in jeans and a Candie’s shirt, which is so clearly Lorelai’s from high school. 

Seriously, Kelly Bishop looks amazing. Even in jeans and a t-shirt. And she is wearing that gold necklace, still. The one she wears in every. single. episode. That never made sense to me. She’s filthy rich, she couldn’t change it up a little in 8 seasons?

The ongoing bit of Emily trying to communicate with her staff with large gestures isn’t really that funny to me.

“Taste it. See if it brings you joy.” Ha!

I’m glad Lorelei checked in on her mom. Because it’s true, nothing is going to bring her joy right now.

DUDE. Have you ever tried to play guitar in the snow like that? It’s not possible (your fingers would freeze and you couldn’t press down on the strings) AND it would be really bad for your guitar.

I know. Wonder Killer. BUT I CAN’T HELP IT. Early recaps with Pamie on Television Without Pity are all rushing back to me. I learned from the best. However, she hated the troubadour and I don’t. That’s where we differ.

I love that Luke is ok with Lorelei dressing Paul Anka up as him. He loves her so much.

Dirk? Would’ve been funnier if they used Mick, the first character Kirk ever played on the show. The die hards will know.

Emily took Lorelai’s advice!!

Lorelei’s face when Emily thanks her is heartbreaking. A daughter should never be so stared for affirmation fro her mother. A reminder of why I can’t like all of Emily. Manipulation, yes. That’s appropriate (not in life, but character development-wise) considering their relationship. But the way she constantly makes Lorelei not feel good enough? Can’t ever be okay with that. And it shouldn’t be overlooked by al those who think she’s awesome. She’s just not.

Luke figured it out before Lorelai… again, this is how starved she is for her mom’s approval. Sad.

Dolly over the end credits???? So weird. Where are the la-las?

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