Thoughts I Had During "Spring" – a Gilmore Girls Reflection


This therapist is soooooooo a therapist.

This not speaking during therapy? Emily, you’re just mean.

Oh… well, Daniel wrote this one. Sigh.

What is Lorelei wearing? Are those steaks on her dress? Wait, no. Big brown leaves. What?

Wait, this is the first session? She’s in a sundress and a shortsleeved cardigan. Winter was just a few days ago. I guess time consistency was never a strong suit of the show. 
Just realized Luke wears flannel no matter what time of year. Rory’s in a sleeveless shirt and Luke’s in flannel. It’s just weird. Scott Patterson in a short-sleeved t-shirt would make me endlessly happy.

And Mama Kim slips right back into it all. Love.

Oh, there’s that actress from Bunheads that is the ultimate doppleganger for Rory’s freshman counselor. How can two actresses not only look alike but have the exact same voice?

Awwwwwwww! The Bid-A-Basket Festival!! That was the first GG episode I watched and I was instantly in love. 

Really? They show Mr. Kim? Why? He isn’t even referenced past season 1.

Jackson without Sookie is all kinds of wrong. And did they move? Do they still live in Stars Hollow? Ugh. The questions.

It’s all kinds of wrong that the Vietnamese joke with Kirk got as much screen time as Jackson.

Naomi Shropshire again? If possible, Daniel made her more insufferable.

Does this actress have compromising pictures of Amy and Dan? I’m just not getting why precious time is spent on much a stupid storyline that goes nowhere.

Conde Nast keeps pushing back the meeting, and Rory is mad because they asked for the meeting months ago. Rory, haven’t you seen “He’s Just Not That Into You”? Sigh.

Mitchum. Yuck. 

He also gets more screen time than Jackson.

Logan’s engaged. Of course he is.

“Why do you think I sprung for the $300 bottle of wine?” Ew. Way to make a girl feel cheap, Logan. Oh, wait. 

Yes, Rory, you should have that look on your face. YOU’RE SLEEPING WITH SOMEONE ELSE’S MAN. AGAIN.

Who is that up there with Taylor at the town meeting? What happened to Miss Patty?

This is a very strange town meeting. The timing is off or something. Plus Patty’s not there. It’s just odd. The whole feel and pace of it. 

I think it’s because everybody is so still. No one is moving or shifting or chatting. 

Ha! A Law & Order dig. True Gilmore Girls. Amy and Dan must really hate crime shows for as often as they insulted them over the years.

Luke is on the phone with Liz. I swear, if her and TJ make an appearance I am out of here.

Michel don’t leeeeeeeave. Hate this thought so much.

Hahahahaha, Skrillex calms Michel down. I love it.

Who wrote the mean letter to Emily? Did she make this up or did Lorelei #1 send it?

“But you’re my pillow.” Gross, Rory. HE’S ENGAGED.

Yay! The black, white, and red theater! And another short film from Kirk!

The Gilmore Guys! Yay! Again, this is just so a love letter/inside joke with the cast.

I really can’t stand Rachel Ray. That whole scene didn’t help. She’s really annoying.

So. Many. Hand. Gestures. Stop it, Rachel.

Does she really call them sammies? That’s just sad.

I can’t decide if Richard leaving that money for Luke was sweet or condescending. I guess sweet, because I seriously doubt Luke ever told her Richard he didn’t want to franchise.

Still with the lucky outfit. How much stuff does she have?

I like that Emily has opened up her life to a long-term maid and their family. Still hate they put Gypsy in the role.

Chilton! Aww. That Emerson quote was perfect. I will give Dan credit for that.

That is NOT Headmaster Snicklefritz’s office.

Emily and Lorelei have driven their therapist to smoke. Bahahaha.

“Those half notes, those whole notes, those rest stops” Rest stops?!?!?!?! That isn’t what they are called. Unless you are out of gas and need to use the restroom, Rory. 
That is so not Tristin.

And they would never invite him back for something like this anyway. He didn’t even graduate from Chilton.

The Paris bathroom freakout is awesome. So is that door kick. Paris rocks.

Really? They brought back Francie???? And Jackson gets 30 seconds of screen time. Gah.

I *may* be a little bitter about this Jackson thing. AND DON’T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON SOOKIE.

Rory is basically being offered a job to teach at Chilton. I feel like she was made for something like this, especially since she has no shot at working at a major daily.

Paris and Doyle live in a 5 story brownstone? Yikes.

“Blow my colon!” Hahahahaha.

They got a Dorothy Parker reference in. Of course. Odd from Paris, but of course.

I can’t believe Rory is calling in Mitchum. She really is lost.

“I just thought the baby was gonna throw up.” What? That “baby” is like 3 years old. Who calls a 3-year old a baby?

I could not sit through that meeting at Conde Nast knowing that someone made a call to pretty much force their hand to have said meeting.

I can’t believe Lorelei is surprised by her mom quitting therapy because Lorelei hadn’t changed. Of course she expected that.

“Call her mom.” That real estate agent crossed a really weird line with Luke and Emily there.

“Kind of a bad neighborhood.” In Star Hollow? Woodbury? Where are they?

WHY would Lorelei lie to Luke about therapy? He’s generally a pretty understanding guy when it comes to her. This is just drama for drama’s sake.

Writing for Conde Nast on spec? The desperation, she is high.

Lorelei and Rory in New York together is the thing this episode needed.

Zombie McDonalds? Is this a pop culture reference I missed?

They are wearing ridiculous outfits for standing in line and walking around the city all day. Heels and cute dresses is just not practical.

Of course Lorelei got the goods before everybody. Of course she did.

Love the Mae Whitman cameo. So cute.

Rory had a one-night stand. With a SOURCE. At the age of 32. And she is judging herself not not having one until now. SO. LOST.

At least she is finally admitting what a disaster her life is.

“Wookie-humping loser.” Hahahaha. Well, yes.

Wow. Rory looks very old in the midst of this website staff. That CFO looks 19.

I really kind of love that she blew that whole thing. Yes, they misled her. And no, she didn’t want to work for this place. But she really should have been more professional and prepared than that.

Destroying her cell phones? Is she made of money?

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