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Memory Lane

Today a classmate of mine was buried. After a long battle with cancer, preceded by a brain aneurysm in 2004, the Valedictorian of my class died early Tuesday morning. I found out via facebook. He and I were not close, though there were only… Continue Reading “Memory Lane”

The ‘Stuff’ of My Stuff

The 3rd of January Reflection ’11 Stuff: Do you like stuff? What stuff do you have that you could do without? Is your stuff well used? Organized? Burdensome? I like stuff entirely too much. What I hate is the stuff I can put into… Continue Reading “The ‘Stuff’ of My Stuff”

A 2010 Moment

As I walked into Foundation Grounds coffee house in in Maplewood, MO, I would be lying if I said my heart was beating fast with nervous anticipation. I stood just inside the door, coming out of the cold February wind, and scanned to room… Continue Reading “A 2010 Moment”

Grace and Love (and some other stuff)

I have to love others who have a history of not loving me.I have to love others who’ve rejected me.One of the first things a professor said to me that hit me really, really hard was this: “You can’t be in ministry unless you… Continue Reading “Grace and Love (and some other stuff)”

I Celebrate 2009

And with this Christmas wish is missed the point I could conveyIf only I could find the words to sayTo let You know how much You’ve touched my lifeBecause here is where You’re finding me, In the exact same place as New Year’s eveAnd… Continue Reading “I Celebrate 2009”

O Christmas Tree

This is the first year I put up my Christmas tree since my grandmother died. Every year for 10 or so years, she gave each grand-kid an ornament for Christmas. They were never my style, but I kept them, for a tradition like that… Continue Reading “O Christmas Tree”

Defining Moments

As I “prepare” to enter my third year of blogging, I decided to reflect back on the past two years of writing. With life’s typical ups and downs, I’m so glad I stared this experience so I have those defining moments to look back… Continue Reading “Defining Moments”

Autumn is Coming

I can smell it. Cool, fresh, tingly, wheaty. Fall is coming. Chasing after the warm sun on the horizon as each day is shorter and shorter as the year approaches a close. I smell the silage being cut, the ground staying moist, the pollen… Continue Reading “Autumn is Coming”

When did I become an adult?

What I’m listening to: Soundtrack to O Brother Where Art Thou I still remember sitting in my AP English classroom in high school, filling out my applications to college, repeating my S.S. # over and over again, wondering where I’d end up next. I… Continue Reading “When did I become an adult?”