Month: March 2008

Good Friday weirdness

I’ve been working on our Good Friday service over the last few weeks, which I decided to based around the theme of “By his stripes we are healed”. I’ve been working on a order of service, videos, background music for the scripture readings and… Continue Reading “Good Friday weirdness”

Antiboidics and Pantry Beetles

My visit to the doctor confirmed that while I do not have strep, I should not be around people. So I’m pouting, staying at home today, despite feeling pretty good. I just have a sore throat with yucky white specks. Blech. One of the… Continue Reading “Antiboidics and Pantry Beetles”

The Return of Pop Culture Quote Monday

Karen: He likes to butt things… with his head. Nathan: How proud you must be. I love this movie. Soooo funny.

Reflections on My Vacation

General observations: Midwest airlines really is the only way to fly. Warm chocolate cookies and a round trip ticket to Seattle for $180? Come on. The only inconvenience is the 6 hour drive to Kansas City, which is hardly an inconvenience at all. And… Continue Reading “Reflections on My Vacation”

Cart Whisperer

This is seriously hilarious. And I realize the fact that I find this funny makes you all aware of just how weird I am. … but most of you already knew anyway, right?


I’m back from vacation and I’m sick of being sick. I’m off to pout about my sickliness. I hate this.