Bad Charter. Bad. (And an update of sorts)

Last week I went through extremely patchy internet service, with most nights not being able to connect at all. It wasn’t my modem, Charter said, and it took them a week to get someone here to fix it. I’m really glad I can go to the office after hours and get done what I need to get done online, because I don’t know what I would’ve done without that option.

So, it looks like I’m back to a somewhat stable internet connection tonight. After the Charter technician was here for an hour and a half this morning, he swore he fixed it. Time will tell. I’ve never been a fan of Charter Communications, but they are the only non dial-up choice in town.

Last Wednesday I met with a local pastor I’d met briefly a year ago through the Midwest District of E-Free Churches. With a paid staff of 23 and an insurmountable number of volunteers, they may not be a mega-church but they are close. As much as I dislike the idea of mega-churches, if I’ve heard my call from God correctly I’ll most certainly end up working in one.

The senior pastor there is one of the warmest, nicest pastors I’ve met and he knows how to preach from scripture straight-up (I’ve only heard him a few times, but those times were excellent and I still remember them). We made a connection right away, and he encouraged me more than anyone else has (which is kind of sad, really) once he heard about my call, how it began and where it ended up. I am thankful knowing that when the time comes for me to leave my current ministry, which I plan to do if I choose to take online courses for seminary. Why have I decided this? Because I’ve never felt called to be a worship leader. It just happened to me, with God in his surprising ways. I’ve done what I set out and was hired to do, which was change the worship style at our church from traditional to contemporary/blended. So in order to get the practical ministry experience closer to what I ultimately feel called to do, I want to work within an equipping ministry area of a church. (Which isn’t available where I am currently a member.)

The meeting went really well, and he was excited to talk to me and welcomed me with open arms, saying there would be a place for me whenever I needed it. That felt good. He was thrilled I got into Bethel, and when I told him I was applying to another, more affordable school he said, “Remember you get what you pay for. Don’t short yourself on a good education just because another place is less expensive.”

Good advice, I guess, but that’s pretty easy for a senior pastor of an almost mega-church to say.

One Comment on “Bad Charter. Bad. (And an update of sorts)

  1. Not sure that I agree with the get-what-you-pay-for line. You might start online and finish seminary in class … never know where the Spirit will take you.I agree with your approach Stephanie … not incurring a huge amount of debt is a good idea … even if it means that you don’t get rock-star-preacher John Piper in a classroom setting … you might get someone that can better relate the scriptures to you – never know?Blessings as you go Sis!


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