And It Comes Before the Fall…

Pride is a funny thing, isn’t it?

It’s easy to spot the obvious signs. The cocky athlete that claims he is the greatest (ala Muhammand Ali) the co-worker who walks around correcting everyone else because their way is better, the the self-righteous church-goer who whispers behind the backs of others “You know what I heard about her? She smokes! How can she call herself a Christian?”

It’s easy to see the obvious pride-markers, in ourselves or others. But what about the more sutble ways pride can manifest itself in your heart? Comparison, for example. “Well, at least I’m not a murderer. Big deal if I cheated on my taxes a little last year.” or “Is it really so bad that I’m jealous of my best friend’s life? I mean, it’s not as though I’m like so-and-so who doesn’t even go to church.”

This kind of pride can cloak itself in justification, piety and dismissal. This kind of pride can ruin a friendship with someone because you are afraid to admit you were wrong. This kind of pride can stunt a person’s ability to be who they are. This kind of pride, that says “I’m not as bad as the next guy.”” can destroy the heart.

See, the thing about this kind of sin is that it can be right in front of you and you might not even see it. It’s deceptive, sneaky and even fun. It’s fun to think ourselves better than others. (After all, isn’t most sin fun?)

What was the first miracle Christ performed? Before his ministry began, he turned water into wine. It’s considered to be “the event” what forced him into the spotlight. But why did he do it? Well, for one, his mother pleaded with him, but it was also a act of service to the family throwing the wedding.

That’s right. An act of service.

Is it possible that true happiness in life can be found in service to others? The absence of pride, the lack of agenda to further yourself, the simple desire to make others and God happy?

You mean to tell me that it’s not all about me? [/shock]

What I’m listening to: Big Daddy Weave’s What I Was Made For

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