Planet Earth

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the last month, I thought I would post about the Planet Earth series the Discovery Channel’s been running since March. Tonight is/was the culmination of this 11-part series in which high-def cameras and non-obtrusive methods of filming were used to create this amazing eye-candy of a mini-series.

So far, my favorite is the Great Plains series, although I haven’t seen the one on Mountains yet. Two new episodes are airing tonight, on Forests and Caves. If you don’t have times to watch the episodes, you can see some great photos here.

Happy Earth Day and I hope you get to watch at least some of this series. It really is amazing.

2 Comments on “Planet Earth

  1. I don’t get cable, but I’ve seen some of this series when I’m in town. Perhaps it will be made available on DVD. BTW, I tried the Google Reader on your advice. At the feedlot, I use the “Live Bookmarks” feature on the Firefox browser, but my ‘town’ computer is older and slower. Live Bookmarks slow it down. The server based Google Reader works great here! Thanks for the tip.


  2. They did advertise the series on DVD during the new shows they aired last night. The cave one? Was really, really creepy. You can buy them at the Discovery store on their site.Glad you like Google Reader. It’s been a nice addition to my homepage. 🙂


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