Best Posts of 2007

I’m doing a twist on my “best of list” this year. No more pop culture lists – just a ego post. Some are my favorites, some get a lot of hits off google, some are just good lessons God taught me.

I started the year out with two heavy-hitting posts:
Top Ten Myths about Christians – Part 1
Top Ten Myths about Christians – Part 2
I loved writing these two posts.

The Death of Good Coffee I get tons of google hits off this one.

I Almost Ran Over Derek Webb One of my favorite memories of the year, and another post from which many, many google hits come.

The Dichotomy of Country Music By far my most popular post of the year. The Tick Song was huge on country radio this year (I think it even won a CMA) and rarely does a day goes by where I don’t get a hit on this post. Google “tick song country” and I come up third. Unbelievable.

Wounds Not an easy post for me to write. But I’m glad I did.

Small Victories
The best moment of 2007 for me (except for when I found out the size of the scholarship Covenant gave me.)

And most recently, Growth , for which I still have some pondering to do.

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