Blog Action Day

All kingdoms fall, said one of my seminary professors a month ago. “Even the United States.”

Then the Dow went down. And down. And even further down.

We are not a nation in poverty. We are a nation of gluttons – high on credit, Dolce and Gabanna shoes, Kate Spade bags, iPhones, bluetooths and SUVs that are bigger than my living room.

We are not in poverty. We spend what we don’t have, and that credit was given to us carelessly. We think we need a new car, a new home, and new furnishings at age 23. Whatever happened to saving before you buy? Those days are gone in lieu of inflated prices where the man with deep pockets keeps getting more and more.

We are, however, a nation that is poor in heart.

A nation that often turns a blind eye to real poverty, sickness, and despair. And nation that all too often refuses to cry out to the man with deep pockets and demand that he help the woman in Darfur who lost her family in a recent surge, the orphaned child in Kenya who sells recycled computer monitors to feed his sister and cousin, and the young man in South Africa who rapes a virgin thinking it will cure his AIDS . We are a nation in poverty. Our hearts are drained of feeling compassion and are now full of selfishness.

We are a nation that suffers from poverty of the heart. And it has to stop.

God, please help us.

3 Comments on “Blog Action Day

  1. Stephanie, I’ve been reading some of the Blog Action Day posts and yours is the most powerful and hard hitting of them all. I give to several organizations…but I also have an iPod, a laptop, and pretty much whatever I want (luckily I don’t want a lot).Its pretty dang sad. I can’t afford the health care I need but somehow I never lack for a new book…or music 😐


  2. This one made me tear up:<>“We are, however, a nation that is poor in heart.”<>..that is such an accurate and insightful word.<>“God, please help us.”<>..amen Stephanie


  3. Thank you both for such nice words. I wrote that in about 5 minutes this morning as I was getting ready and after worried it was too much…


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